Homeopathy: The Public are being misled by Omission

To be honest dear reader, I am getting rather bored with discussing the irrational attacks on homeopathy in the media and prefer to read more positive literature rather than read the biased, self-righteous and insulting comments made about homeopaths and homeopathic doctors by doctors such as Edzard Ernst and journalists such as Simon Singh and [...]

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Evidence-based Medicine: To be applied across the board or just used as a stick with which to beat homeopathy and CAM?

Okay, drugs so far no reply to my challenge of a duel of words with Professor Ernst. There has also been no reply to my alternative suggestion that he withdraw his accusation that homeopaths lie to their patients. If he is unaware of my challenge then hopefully it will not escape his attention for long. [...]

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Lying? Who exactly is lying?

Okay I take back my 'surrender'. I don’t surrender to the ‘logic’ of Ernst and Singh anymore and vow to fight them on the beaches if necessary. Why this turnaround? Because I read an interview with the Professor Ernst in The New Scientist on the 28th April 2008 that irritated me – to put it [...]

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