Tonight (June 26, ailment 2008) there will be a debate on the ‘Best of Medicine’ at the Welcome Collection. Homeopathy, pharm initially nominated for the ‘Worst of Medicine’ debate scheduled for 17th July has been nominated for tonight’s debate and Dr Sara Eames of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital will speak in favour. Should be interesting…

I won’t be there tonight but have booked my place for the 17th of July, treatment assuming homeopathy is still nominated.

My personal opinions of the Best and Worst of Medicine:

Worst Medicine: When doctors out of fear, think of themselves first instead of their patients. Stringent regulation, box ticking and increasing fear of litigation make this more likely. Far from benefiting patients it makes them feel like they are being regarded as robots by doctors following rigid criteria about how diseases (as opposed to patients) should be treated.

Best Medicine: Well-educated doctors, instead of acting out of fear, making decisions based on knowledge, experience, wisdom and importantly, personal conscience.