Why I practise Homeopathic Medicine

I have now been a medical doctor for 28 years. I decided to study medicine because I wanted to do a job where I could work with people and be of help to them. I entered a tough 6 year programme of medical training but found that although I learned a great deal about diseases, [...]

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Health Matters: A Modern Approach

Health Matters: A Modern Approach The face of medical care is changing. At the very time modern medical technology is making the most incredible advances, more and more people are choosing 'Alternatives' rather than Orthodox medicine. The swing has been so significant that alternative medicine has been said to be the second most successful new [...]

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Relaxation and healing with homeopathy: Insomnia

Insomnia, inability to sleep and poor quality sleep are common and very debilitating problems both physically and psychologically. Few would disagree with the view that a chemical solution with 'sleeping tablets' is at best unsatisfactory and at worst dangerously addictive. An holistic view of insomnia sees deep sleep (non-rapid eye movement = nREM), dreaming (REM) [...]

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Relaxation and healing with homeopathy: Premenstrual Syndrome/Premenstrual Tension/PMS

What is PMS? Whenever the word syndrome is used in a diagnosis we can expect the condition described to comprise a large number of symptoms often affecting different parts of the body. PMS is defined as a condition characterised by nervousness, irritability, emotional instability, depression and possibly headaches, oedema and mastalgia; it occurs during the [...]

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Psychology, Humanistic psychology & Color psychology

Psychology Psychology is a science of the nature and functions of the human soul and mind. Psychologists seek to discover how the human mind works through experiments and studies. Through determining the workings of the mind, they can help understand the workings of the body in relation to it. Psychology can play a vital role [...]

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Ten Useful homeopathic Remedies to have in your Medical Chest

Ten Useful homeopathic Remedies to have in your Medical Chest ARNICA: The great remedy for trauma, bruising and after childbirth and surgery. It is useful and safe in almost any accident or injury. A dose every few hours after the event can be most helpful. ACONITE: The famous remedy for shock especially if the patient [...]

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Homeopathy & the Homeopath – an Overview

Homeopathy attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself and is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to conventional medicine. Dr Brian Kaplan is a registered homeopath and gives advice on homeopathy and complementary medicine. Homeopathy works by taking all the symptoms of say a common cough, which, no matter how uncomfortable they [...]

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