Ten Useful homeopathic Remedies to have in your Medical Chest

  1. ARNICA: The great remedy for trauma, bruising and after childbirth and surgery. It is useful and safe in almost any accident or injury. A dose every few hours after the event can be most helpful.
    1. The famous remedy for shock especially if the patient is fearful and restless. Of course conventional treatments are essential as well but a quick dose of Aconite from your home kit can be invaluable.
    2. A useful remedy to treat colds and ‘flu at the earliest possible stage. As soon as you feel that you are ‘about to come down with something’, start taking Aconite every hour. It is especially applicable when you have been exposed to a chill or cold wind and feel that you are starting to get ill.
  3. CHAMOMILLA: A very helpful medicine for teething. It is especially effective if the child is very irritable (almost always the case!) and has a reddish cheek or concomitant diarrhoea.
  4. LEDUM: Good for insect bites and other piercing type skin injuries.
  5. RHUS- TOX: Use in strains and sprains to tendons and muscles especially if they are worse in cold and damp weather. Arnica is usually the best remedy immediately after the event but if discomfort persists Rhus often becomes necessary.
  6. CANTHARIS: It has two useful applications in the home.
    i) For burns and scalds. A dose every half hour for a while.
    ii) For burning on urination and other cystitis like symptoms. Of course if these persist even for more than a few hours, a visit to a doctor and investigation of the urine is imperative.

  7. THUJA:
    i) A useful remedy for any ill-effects of a vaccination. A few doses can be taken prophylactically after any vaccination.
    ii) Thuja is a renowned homeopathic remedy for the treatment of warts and verrucae. Here a dose may be taken twice a day for several weeks.

  8. COCCULUS: A great remedy for car and sea sickness. One dose an hour before the journey and one every hour or so during it.
    i) A good remedy for influenza or ‘flu-like symptoms’ especially if the patient is drowsy, lethargic, thirstless and has aching muscles and joints.
    ii) Can be taken for apprehension before important events like examinations or stage fright.

  10. CALENDULA CREAM: The best homeopathic cream for grazes and scalds. It is sometimes used for rashes of various kinds but these really need expert attention if they do not resolve in a few days.