NHS Medicine, Liberty, Money and 2009

So what can we say about the year that was? There is a curse that says: ‘May you live in interesting times!’ and for those of us who support whole-person medicine, 2009 was an interesting year indeed. For the loud and aggressive espousers of the school of fundamentalist naïve realism in medicine, 2009 started well [...]

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Homeopathy goes to the Houses of Parliament!

This week the ‘homeopathic question’ was asked by a House of Commons Science & Technology Committee. A mixture of experts and alleged ‘experts’ were apparently ‘grilled’ in order to ascertain whether there is any evidence that homeopathy works. You can see a transcript of the proceedings here: Dr Peter Fisher, unhealthy chief physician at the [...]

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Double Strike for the Pie Man

The Pie Man has been alerted to an article in the American Journal of Medicine by the erstwhile Edzard Ernst and Michael Baum, stomach his co-signee of the notorious letter (inappropriately written on NHS note paper) to Patient Care Trusts (PCTs) all over the UK. In the letter – as you can see – they [...]

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Childbirth, Studs and Horses for Courses

For many years husbands or partners of women giving birth have been commended for and even expected to be present during the process of labour. It was considered the modern norm even though holistic obstetricians such as Michel Odent warned against this. The results of multiple recent studies in different countries seriously questions the wisdom [...]

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OFFICIAL NEWS: Size Matters – In Chocolate.

In one of the most innovative and enterprising moves to stop the  obesity endemic in its tracks ever made by a nanny state, a prescient quango known as the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has advised/warned chocolate manufacturers to keep the size of their chocolate bars down. Hapless confectioners have been told that chocolate will be [...]

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Give me a doctor partridge plump!

I switched on the radio this morning and immediately heard extremely important news from America. Apparently the President had appointed a very FAT doctor to the most heavyweight medico-political job in the country - surgeon general. Across the  media and the blogosphere, self-righteous commentators were self-righteously condemning the Chosen One for sending out the 'wrong [...]

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Brilliant Speech by Prince Charles: Future King shows the limitations of mechanistic and reductionist thinking.

In what was surely the speech of his life, Facing the Future,  (The Richard Dimbleby Memorial Lecture broadcast on BBC last night - you can still hear it here, Prince Charles made an impassioned appeal for a new way of viewing the present world crisis with special regard to the environment. Rather than condescendingly lecturing [...]

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