I guess it was predictable. Despite the strong words of Health Minister, Mike O’Brien in favour of liberty and democracy, the crew of MPs on the Science and Technology Committee announced this morning that “the NHS should cease funding homeopathy. It also concludes that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) should not allow homeopathic product labels to make medical claims without evidence of efficacy.” You can read the report here.

At the end of the report, MP, Phil Willis states: “It sets an unfortunate precedent for the Department of Health to consider that the existence of a community which believes that homeopathy works is ‘evidence’ enough to continue spending public money on it. This also sends out a confused message, and has potentially harmful consequences. We await the Government’s response to our report with interest.”

As the man says: The DoH will need to consider if the ‘existence of a community which believes homeopathy works’ is ‘evidence’ enough for their money to be spent on what sort of medical doctors and medicine they want. Clearly the committee (but hopefully not the Government) believes that people are too stupid to choose for themselves and need these choices to be made for them.

Yes, I too await the Government’s response ‘with interest’. Will they bow to the pressure from this committee and act in a scientismic, totalitarian and authoritarian way by saying:“We know better than you what is good for your health! Now shut up and let us spend your money in your best interests!” Or will they heed the words of Health Minister Mike O’Brien’s plea for liberty when he said it would be ‘illiberal’ for the government to cut funding for homeopathy. We can but wait but there is much more at stake here than just the future of NHS homeopathy.