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“Homeopathy is Witchcraft.” Should Homeopaths now be burnt at the stake?

Here follows a bizarre statement made by one Dr Tom Dolphin, deputy chairman of the BMA’s junior doctors committee in England: – as reported in The Telegraph:  “Homeopathy is witchcraft. It is a disgrace that nestling between the National Hospital for Neurology and Great Ormond Street [in London] there is a National Hospital for Homeopathy which is paid for by the NHS”.

Here is the reason that it is not a disgrace: At the outset of the NHS in 1948 several existing homeopathic hospitals (built by the benefactors of homeopathy) including the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street, were invited to become part of the NHS and a by-law in 1950 stated that homeopathy should be available to the people of the UK as long as there were doctors willing to supply it. The whole campaign against NHS homeopathy is a profoundly anti-democratic attempt to use our system of universal health care to bully a significant minority of patients who want homeopathy on the NHS and benefit from it – however it works. So much for that ‘patient choice’ we were promised!

As I’ve written many times, if people like Dolphin, Ernst, Goldacre, Colquhoun, Singh et al think that NHS medicine should be exclusively evidence based, then let them campaign for that and they may be dismayed to find out that more than half of ordinary medicine is not evidenced based. To use EBM as a blunt tool to batter homeopathy exclusively is deeply disingenuous as I’ve said many times and never been refuted.

Now for that comment: ‘Homeopathy is  NHS witchcraft’

From where in history does the good Dr Dolphin get his inspiration? England 1645-1647 or  Salem 1692?

Perhaps the young doc sees himself on a similar mission to that of Matthew Hopkins, the notorious ‘Witchfinder General’  who during the English civil war of the 17th century, self-righteously sent many so-called ‘witches’ to trial by kangaroo court and execution.

The campaign against NHS homeopathy has been so nasty, so disingenuous and such a slap in the face for democracy and liberty, it would not surprise me if someone now called for all homeopaths to undergo the witch-detecting Water Test in The Serpentine. Those that don’t drown could be unceremoniously burnt at the stake in Hyde Park.

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  1. Sastry.M May 18, 2010 at 11:47 am

    In support of Dr.Kaplan’s comments I would like to add that Dr.Dolphin appears to believe in witchcraft to exorcise homeopathic placebo with toxic effects of evidence based medicine. If evidence was to be entirely relied upon materials most crimes would go undetected or exonerated for lack of it. Indeed we all live in a world on a tiny planet of Solar system whose galactic membership plays but a minicule part in the Miracle of Universal Creation hanging holographically in dark and hard vacuum and hurling around harmoniously in precisely laid out trajectories. Which God devined it for the blissful purpose of devotion and which Devil witched it craftily for malicious self amusement? Matter addresses both the subtle mind’s intentions as well as operations of gross physical body as directed by the subtle when we question as “What is the matter?” We may use materials available on earth differentiaing and segregating by individual characteristics as exercised by the subtle mind and extracting physically from terrestial minerals based on magnitude of abundance. That was how Mendelef’s Periodic Table was drawnup both in acknowledgement of existing elements at that time as well as logical predictions of futuristic extractions which elements were confirmed latter. Again we may craftily use our mind /intellect subtle nature and intelligently sub-create many instruments with available materials claiming Copy and Patent rights of protection and recognition but have none over our own instrumental bodies of primary creation and entirely depend on empirical studies in all aspects INCLUDING MEDICINE. By the same process of characteristic differentiations by pharmocological effects medicinal substances are segregated but their curative properties can only be emperically established by adminstration and recorded observations. Here material evidence only helps to observe the pharmocological effects resulting in elusive or inhibiting actions against invading disease force in fighting it. Thus materials represent only characteristics peculiar to them in producing biological effects which can only be observed and recorded objectively allowing rational interpretation but not logical conclusion because of our own primary inaccisible subjective rights.However we can predict scientifically inspite of lack of material availability but only light direct from distant stars or reflected from our own family planets the various characteristic elements and conditions by spectral analysis. This is made possible only by subtle mind capabilities and most predictions tend to be rationally verifiable.
    Hence,by analogy, even our own instrumental bodies maintained autonomously devined by some universal utility wheather used as a physical scientist or a medical doctor are objects of our own sentient cognition with the only qualification of direct perception represented by the subjective”I” whose hallmark of pesonal progress is evidenced by humility of true understanding and whose purpose is realized by service with devotion.

  2. Marsh May 18, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    This is a clearly false dichotomy – it’s not about accepting either ‘alternative’ OR ‘conventional’ medicine. It’s about what’s been proven to work. I agree that any treatments that are ‘conventional’ but cannot be shown to work should also be scrutinised. Unfortunately, it’s hard to move on to scrutinising other modalities that need attention, when homeopaths won’t accept that their chosen sacred cow is on the list to be culled.

    Why would a homeopath call for attention to other areas, when they won’t accept the findings uncovered by the attention devoted to them? More to the point, why would any other practitioner – however dangerous or unfounded – follow the advice of logic and reason when the homeopaths are setting a grade A example on how to side-step and avoid these commonsense findings?

    If we’re to treat people effectively and correctly, we need to be sure what works, and trim off what doesn’t. Homeopathy is one of the many things in the latter category. Those who truly care about patients’ health should let homeopathy fall into history, with the leeches and blood-letting of it’s contemporaries.


    • Dr. Kaplan May 18, 2010 at 8:16 pm

      @ Michael Marshall: You seem a little confused. You say: “I agree that any treatments that are ‘conventional’ but cannot be shown to work should also be scrutinised. Unfortunately, it’s hard to move on to scrutinising other modalities that need attention, when homeopaths won’t accept that their chosen sacred cow is on the list to be culled.”
      Why is it ‘hard to move on to scrutinising other modalities’ ? What has looking at conventional medicine for evidence got to do with homeopaths accepting or not accepting anything?
      FACT: Huge swathes of conventional medicine are not evidence based.
      FACT: A significant minority of patients in the UK claim to have been helped by homeopathy (however it works) and this has persisted for 200 years.
      FACT: There has been a commitment to ‘patient choice’ by the government of this country, both John Major’s Patients’ Charter and the New Labour Administration.
      MY OPINION: It is deeply disingenuous to use EBM to attack homeopathy exclusively when large portions of conventional medicine (that totally dwarf homeopathy in their cost to the taxpayer) are not subjected to the same standards.

  3. Sastry.M May 19, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Dr.Marsh-When you say “It’s about what’s been proven to work” you may be meaning the merits of Conventional Medicine that has been proven to work. There is no dispute over the truth of this assertion.Indeed if some medicine has been proved as a curative therapeutic agent for such and such disesed conditions after exhaustive clinical trials under various required conditions necessary before certification and introduction into medical practice it should hold good as a reliable’proven drug’established under all conditions of scrutiny. Many anti-sceptic sulpha preparations pioneered by May&Baker Labs had proved their efficacy during periods of extreme crises as the great world wars but now have mostly fallen into oblivion.So with anti-biotic drugs which followed in 1950’s because their efficacy as proven drugs encountered biological resistance by way of adaptive immunization when adminstered for same diagnosed disease condtions. Then how can we say that such and such a drug has been proven against its clinically established disease diagnostics? It is claimed that great medical progress by huge spending on research and development augmented by a number of electronic instruments covering both pathological testings and medical treatments has been achieved not to speak of highly refined and proven drugs.Is there any dispute over all this painstaking human endeavour? Only its blessed advantages are shared equally both my the conventional and homeopathic schools and more so in the use of computers by the latter since the provings of homeo medicines with no matter or for that matter have withstood the vicissitudes of temporal variations both biological as well as ecological with established efficacies enabling to rely on coputerized memorizatios while the conventional continues to progress catering to ever changing circumstances in a struggle to keep up the Oath given to Hippocratis while the same is kept up in confidence by the Homeo school.

  4. Dr Amit Habbu May 22, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    I am assuming that Dr Marsh is a doctor of conventional medicine. I would like to emphasize that i am also an MD in Internal Medicine and prescribe homeopathy to patients where appropriate. I can present to him cases where standard of care in conventional medicine resulted in insufficient responses and the addition of homeopathic treatment to the treatment have brought gratifying results. This is not meant to be an ignorant boast because if i were a conventional doctor i too would like to see some results from homeopathic treatment that are impossible to disregard. The cases i quote are those of aplastic anemia, avascular necrosis of femur, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy and the likes. I am sure Dr Marsh will agree that no placebo response can bring about a response in such pathologies. These are areas in medicine where anecdotal reports itself are sufficient to sit up and take note.I have treated these cases in conjunction with the specialists who too regard homeopathy as a useful adjunct in many such settings where conventional response is poor and treatment gap is large.

  5. Chris Whitham May 24, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    I’m afraid I’m no expert, but two comments:

    1. I’ve found homeopathic remedies to work on me.

    2. The area of “accepted” medicine that should be investigated is the drug industry – particularly where connected with “mental illness”. I’ve personally seen kids diagnosed with mental illnesses, prescribed VERY dangerous drugs, then cured by handling allergies to wheat. However it seems many of the top AMA and BMA doctors are employed as “advisors” by major drug companies.
    I’m also not an expert on computers, so have not inserted a link – however the address below will give a place to start for more data.


    Keep up the good work.

    • Dr. Kaplan May 24, 2010 at 11:01 pm

      Of all the disciplines in medicine, psychiatry stands to lose the most if we exclude anything that isn’t fully evidence based. A huge number of their interventions do not have evidence to back them up, but where are the street protests against that? However I am against banning anything lacking evidence for many reasons. For example CBT people have done a few trials that apparently show that CBT works and on this basis and it’s apparent cost effectiveness it has positioned itself as ‘superior’ (esp in the NHS) to psychodynamic psychotherapy, NLP, Rogerian counselling and of course the unheard of but highly effective Provocative Therapy. Marketing comes into the picture a great deal.

  6. Dr Amit Habbu May 25, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Dr Kaplan,

    I think that basic research in ultra high dilutions is the need of the hour and i wonder if homeopaths and supporters of homeopathy are in a position to organise and fund such an activity.

    • Dr. Kaplan May 25, 2010 at 10:32 pm

      Yes, Amit that’s true. There is in Europe a group of scientists (previously headed by Dr Benveniste) who were not homeopaths but looked at the physiological effects of high dilutions on substances and their effects in vitro on basophils and the like.

  7. Sastry.M May 25, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Useful reading for Drug Business-Death by Prescription-by
    Dr.Ray D Strand M.D and suggestive for Psycho and Provocative Therapies-i.P Pavlov’s works on the “Word as a Therapeutic Factor”. Evidence is sensed as early as the Kaiser’s 2’nd Reich in Germany based on reports using innocent human beings as guinea pigs by big business Pharmaceutical Companies for drug provings under the gratised courtesy of free physician’s samples and also black listed some Homeo Apotheks for overzealously quoting to supply medicines indented under fictitious latin names along with proved ones.May be nothing in comparison to present day progress of mass production and cut throat market competition.

  8. Dr Amit Habbu May 27, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Do you mean the group GIRI ??

    • Dr. Kaplan May 27, 2010 at 10:19 am

      Yes, indeed Dr Habbu. As they say on their website “the aim of the GIRI is to bring together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians, chemists, physicists and other professionals to communicate, exchange experiences and develop joint research projects; the distinctive feature of the research activities of the group is the study of ultra low dose substances or high dilutions, homeopathy .” My point is that we need to keep looking for the way low dilutions act but that does not mean lazy, Sulphur-like ‘theorizing’ about this.

  9. Dr Amit Habbu May 27, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Dr Kaplan, i could not agree more with you. Its a pity that this sulphur like theorizing is quite common among homoeopaths. I would rather be upfront about it and say that it is a problem that we dont know the mechanism these ultra dilutions act and make it amply clear that i am unhappy about the situation.

  10. Sastry.M May 29, 2010 at 11:00 am

    In my view the mechanism of ultra high dilutions relates to the transfer of Signature characteristics represented by each substance to the medium used for preparation of homeopathic dilutions by spurtive succusions and repeated triturations. This is because all natural phenomena are represented by two simultaneous factors,namely one relating to mass or magnitude and the other relating to characteristics cognizable by mind from information processed and supplied by mechanisms associated with external sensory organs. Worthy of note is the primary differentiation of Phenomenal Energies into Transverse and Longitudinal modes of propagation in the physical world as carriers of stimulus containing information falling within the sensory domains. Eyes are the only organ sensitive to the transverse Electro-Magnetic (EM) light energy and responsive to both corpuscular intensity and colour-form contour differentiation of frequency activity. The rest is represented by the longitudinal mode and perceived by sensitivity to pressure intensities expressed as light or strong and cognized characteristically by sonority of sound,olefactory fragrance,tasty tongue and cosy carassing etc.What is intended by this round about jargon is meant to dismantle our individual personalities classifying into rational physical body proper including the CPU brain activated by physical energies and into characteristic cognizing and recognizing mechanisms of Mind and its paraphernalia activated by subtle consciousness and integrating them both harmoniously into human beings. The physical is excellently covered by Scientific theories and applcations of the West and the subtle imanantly by Indian Philosophy.The genius of Dr.Hahnemann has integrated them both into the philosophy of Homeopathy and theory of therapeutics. The activities of the physical world are infinitesimally reduced and repeatedly differentiated to required accuracies by various functional relations represented by multiplying coefficients and indexed characteristics by methods of Calculus and gross manifestations are explained by integation within cognizably definable domains.Compare magnitudes with coefficients and cognize characteritics with indices representing Time(t)and/or Frequency of activity (f=1/t) and apply the same to gross physical body and subtle cognizing mind to arrive at one part of rational evidence supplied by Science.Secondly stopping for a while in this busy physical activity we can comprehend by the subtle conscious mind to see what is at’Stake’and see with physical eyes what is in the’Make’of gross demonstrations. This establishes the fact that Material Evidence is not a necessary preorogative for subtle cognition of characteritics in an indexed manner signatured to individual materials but reduction to infinitesimal levels of multiplying toxic intensities(as functinal coefficients) to safely tolerable levels of body is a pre requisite for safe therapeutic application. Hence Homeopathy is a practical demonstration of both occidental and oriental human genius and a God inspired alternative geared upto alleviate human suffering in modern times.

  11. Dr Amit Habbu May 29, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    Dr Sastry,
    Frankly speaking your explanations are difficult for me with a clinical medicine background to understand at all.

    In short can you tell me if you can consistently differentiate two different homeopathic remedy dilutions from each other ?

    And can you recognise the parent solute from a homeopathic dilution above c 12 potency ?

  12. Sastry.M May 30, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Dr.Amit-Given the Western scientific outlook based upon material evidence to conceive cause-effect relationships it is not posiible to prove the presence of parent homeopathic solute at the dilution level of 12c. This is because 1C=1/100 is the first centismal potency (P) of a basic concentration ‘D’i.e. 1.P=D/100 or D.10^(-2.P), for 2c P=2 =D.10^(-4)and for 12c P=12 =D.10^(-24)and at this number the basic concentration even to the molecular level is undetectable with the best scientific equipment available today.Thus there is no material evidence and hence no justification to qualify as a medicine in a way we know and define it.Does this direct logic apply always? Mathematical manipulations with equations of quadratic and higher order degrees some times present solutions of fallacy and we have to choose that root which is intuitively rational for a required definition. Now 12c is a rational fallacy of human logic but NOT human intuition and both are conceivable by human mind.The basic human cogntion is beyond all self imposed limits of mind for perceivable comprehension as limited by the domains of sensory perceptions. The existence of light below infra red and above ultra violet cannot be denied simply because we cannot see. Another example is a piece of neutral iron bar aquiring magnetic properties rubbing the surface with a magnet although there is no evidence of material transfer. Brilliant clinical cures with dilutions of 30c and above indicate a requirement of redefintion of rational outlook just as a definitive limit for mathematical fallacies of o/o or inf/inf is arrived at by redefining the functional variable from the present form to its inverse ratio by principle of L’Hospital’s Rule. This is not a clever gloss over of manipulation but a clear requirement to justify a rational definition. The rational definition is the reported homeo cures but the fallacy is the quacked up dilutions. Can we venture to shift our conviction of material evidence for medicinal application as a necessary prerequisite in view of above observations?

  13. Dr Amit Habbu May 31, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Dr Sastry,
    I believe thermoluminescence studies are able to show differences between different homeopathic dilutions though it is not possible to say yet which is what.
    Dont you agree that we need to do more with ultra dilutions ? Can we not get the brains and the funds in place to do more ?
    Dont you think we could be able to show the “pharmacodynamics” and “pharmacokinetics” of homeopathic remedy ?
    Any idea what will happen if we radiolabel the mother tincture — make the dilution — and do gamma camera scanning after administration to the patient

  14. Dr Amit Habbu May 31, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    I know that 12C reaches Avogadro’s number and therefore no physical trace of original solute remains. But are there other methods of showing that something existed before we reached this stage ? Or are only biological systems able to identify this difference ?

  15. Sastry.M June 1, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Dr.Amit Habbu,
    Inspired by points in first comment above I remembered a proverb in Telugu which says “Medicine is that which helps in healing and place is that which provides a living”.At the outset we have to develop a workable awareness in human minds before we gather brains of genuine concern and funds of charitable magnanimity. I humbly acknowledge the dedication to Medical Service by you as a doctor of conventional medicine with great sympathy and understanding towards new homeopathic philosophy and the great concern to secure its boon to sick humanity blogged in by Dr.Brian Kaplan as a professional Homeopath. Now we seem to be arriving at that ‘point’ from where we departed to East and West many millenia before and developed different philosophical outlooks with a common human concern. The Indian(Oriental) avocates subtle nature as the basis for gross phenomenal manifestations and the Greek(Western) places the gross as amenable to sensory perceptions as the basis to seek subtle cause in a conceptual manner. The former(oriental) is more profound and all encompassing while the latter(western)is more practical and all concerning. I have been pondering about points projected in first comment but fear my exhaustive and roundabout explanations may be exasperating and irrelavant to present discussions but feel necessry yet to gain a workable awareness in western minds to arrive at the common point of departure by seeking permission to continue.

  16. Sastry.M July 24, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Dr.Amit–Browsing thro’ web taking the excellent suggestion of ‘pharmacodynamics’ and ‘pharmacokinetis’ as applicable to classical medicine I have found an article(probably long since known to you) by David J Greenblatt et.al @(www.acrp.org/g4/GN401000085/CH084.html) published in 2000. The work is quite absorbing an exhaustive at 4’th gen.status. Testing of psychotropic drugs using mathematical modelling for rates of infusion,metabolic clearance and plasmaconcentration levels at long intervals after infusion tested using liquid,-gas-chromatography and mass spectroscopic measurement methods and processing the results using iterative computer methods for non linear regression analysis for intelligible interpretation.
    The following observations are made.
    1Lipid soluble psychotropic drugs such as Fluoxetine and Benzodiazepine are evaluated using bispace mathematical modeling corresponding to Central and Peripheral Compartments of human system.
    2) The central compartment consists of the circulatory system and all internal organs covered by it. Drug elimination by renal excretion and hepatic biotransformation are irreversible which takes place only in the central compartment assigned with a factor Ke
    3) Reversible distribution occurs between central and peripheral compartments with finite times between 30 min .to 6 hours after an intravenous infusion of drug to attain equilibrium of distribution. The forward and reversible factors are assigned K12 & K21 respctively.
    4)The plasma concentration levels of an infused drug is studied modeled as a sum of linear exponential functions as in eqn-(1). Although stated as profile of drug disappearance ‘drug attenuation’ seems to be more appropriate which occurs because of distribution and elimination.
    5)Drug plasma concentration levels labeled C are compared equated with A & B intercept coefficients having units of concentration and a& b as indexed exponents are of reciprocal time.
    6)Eqns.–(2) and (3) are drawn up for plotting drug plasma concentration levels C in ng/ml equating with comparative ratios of infusion rate Q to metabolic clearance Cl i.e Q/Cl. Ref. to Eqn.(3) “t” in general is the time count starting with zero beginning Tinf and hence the indexed factor (t-Tinf) is neg. for ‘t’ less than ‘Tinf ’which may last for about 30 min.,1hr and 3hrs. Therefore the second exponential indices multiplied by alpha and beta respectively are +’ve for ‘t’less than Tinf and –‘ve for ‘t’ greater than Tinf and the second exponential becomes unity for ‘t’=Tinf.
    7)The rest of narrative follows with various assumptions and requirements and methods of conducting trials for various infusion times and weekly intervals on single volunteer and graphs drawn for in vivo samples of testing. Also conventional drugs and their SIL derivatives and infused simultaneously on a single volunteer with no change in biological absorption, retention and clearance but facilitating differential testing and determining all pharmacokinetic parameters with clear distinction.
    8)Drug interactions in vitro are tested using mathematical models and extracting drug metabolizing component of human liver tissue isolated using ultracentrifugation techniques. The human liver microsomes so obtained are mixed with appropriate reaction cofactors and tested in vitro which produce metabolic reactions similar to in vivo.
    9)Drug substrate concentrations (S) are incubated with human liver microsomes for fixed periods of time and reaction velocities (V) are studied with (S) in the generation of metabolic products as narrated using Eqn.(4). Adding a metabolic inhibitor of known concentration (I) to a reaction mixture and introducing a reciprocal inhibition constant (Ki) Eqn.(4) is modified to Eqn.(5) defining the reciprocal factor (Ki) as inhibiting ‘potency’. Narration is continued weighing the various factors of testing and results.
    10)Pharmacodynamics is defined with reference to time course and intensity of drug reaction or response under clinical observation. Further narration deals with testing methods, kinetic-dynamic modeling and noting of Plasma Concentration Versus. Effect-Site concentration effects. Of particular interest is Eqn-5 which relates normalized reaction velocity in units of nano moles of metabolic product per minute per milligramme of micosomal human liver drug metabolizing protein component w.r.t concentration of a drug substrate concentration (S) , and a substrate concentration Km level @50% Vmax, metabolizing inhibitor concentration (L), an inhibitor constant Ki.. In Eqn.(5) Ki appears as denominator to I as ‘inhibiting potency’ such that a low value of Ki increases metabolic inhibitor effect potency.
    11) Further narration discusses all factors relating to methods of testing ‘in vitro’ and interpolating results to desirable clinical affects ‘in vivo’, methods of measurement, Kinetic-Dynamic Modeling procedures enabling direct evaluation of drug concentrations ( C ) to drug effects ( E ) using Eqns. 6,7 & 8, study of Plasma concentration Vs Effect Site Concentration concluding with comments and acknowledgements of work support.
    12)I submit my observations to you and Dr.Kaplan as medical professionals to evaluate my understanding and kindly supply comments to permit express my opinions with relevance to Homeopathy.

    • Dr. Kaplan July 24, 2010 at 3:46 pm

      Thanks for this contribution. I got an A for chemistry at medical school but this is too sophisticated for me to follow.

  17. Sastry.M August 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Dr.Kaplan-Thanks for your kind acknowledgement of my sophisticated contribution of shallow understanding. Based on your encouragement and practical suggestions of Dr.Amit Habbu I venture to express my layman’s personal pinions as follows:

    1)Intra venous infusion of a lipid soluble psychotropic drug directly reaches the heart through central blood circulation and gets powerfully and repeatedly ‘succused’ by the pump reaching all inner vital organs.
    2)Excretion through renal system takes immediate effect followed with hepatic bio-transformation in the liver tissues.
    3)Drug plasma concentration levels (C) measured in ng/ml as comparative ratios of infusion rate(Q)to metabolic clearance
    (Cl)are noted. The (C)levels are analogous to low homeo potencies.
    4)SSRI anti depressants effect drug concentration levels of co administered drugs and laborious studies are required to ascertain which drugs react unfavourably with SSRI drugs.
    5)Drug metabolising concentrations of human liver tissues are isolated using ultra centrifugation techniques.Mixing these with appropriate reaction cofactors they are used along with drug substrate concentrations and incubated for fixed periods of time and reaction velocities are noted in the generation of metabolic products in vitro testing as it happens in-vivo process. As EBM requires measurable concentrations and velocity changes the same procedures can be adapted using 6C or 12c homeo levels of the same drug and tested in vitro to find any distinguishable effects.
    6)The reaction velocity is rated in units of nano moles of product per minute per milligram of microsomal protein. Whether these values are observable with precision instruments or are proportionately calculated is to be ascertained. Also in vitro testing of EBM drugs can be modified using homeopathic potencies of the same drug used as a vitro substrate or administering to volunteer simultaneously at second trial noting changes to the first reactions in the usual manner.
    7) The pharmaco kinetic and dynamic test procedures are quite elaborate and evolved with various assumptions and expectations. But the studies can be rewarding if extended with same drug Homeo potentized medicines or using selected symptomatic homeo similimums.
    8)Worthy of note from homoeopathic view are the cardiac succused potentization along with renal filtered drug attenuation and repetition of the process with decreasing or attenuated drug plasma levels with elapsed time.Thus any central compartment drug infusion will summarily gets attenuated to a 6’th decimal level within a few minutes in a healthy volunteer in my opinion.
    9)All homeopathic medicines are tested and proved in-vivo allowing the various external cofactors encountered in EBM testings forcing to adoptive in vitro testing to be naturally decided in homeo alternative by the autonomous human biological system which maintains individual personalties.
    10)Of greatest importance is the “Power House Liver” ‘hepatic bio transformation’ which converts inorganic substances to biologically useful analogues by repeated circulatory process noted as above.
    11)The various contra indications encountered in EBM evaluations are eliminated in the homeo system by initial attenuation of material toxicities to a safe basic level to start with. Also both physical as well as psychic changes in a volunteer as subjectively reported and professionally noted are recorded as pathological changes in Materia Medica. Even the psychotropic drugs of EBM system present many anomalies and complexities to be sorted out by very careful individual considerations effecting internal organs as well as functional modifications. In contrast Homeo medicines are tested singly without co-administration and results are noted individually and the oft observed are aggregated and averaged in manifold statistics.
    12)The Homoeopathic system in my opinion is the result of an evolution inspired by the time spirit of the pioneering gradient of 18’th-19’th century transition as seen by works of many dedicated human beings in all individual fields of pursuit and culminated in the genius of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann
    who as a dedicated orthodox physician prompted to find a safe alternative medical system purging his contemporary monstrosities and addressing all complex futuristic concerns of scientifically progressing humanity.

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