Remember the date: 26th July, cialis 2010

Today will be remembered as a red letter day in the history of British homeopathy.

In a landmark decision today, there the Government emphatically backed the people’s right to NHS homeopathy.

A low quality, biased and deeply flawed report, signed by a small handful of MPs constituting the Science and Technology Committee (S&TCo) had sought to thwart the will of those GPs wanting to send patients for NHS homeopathy by calling for the removal of funding of NHS homeopathy. NHS-funded homeopathy has existed since several homeopathic hospitals were invited to become part of the NHS at its formation in 1948. Even the BMA showed its disdain for a sizeable minority of doctors and patients when it called for a ban on NHS homeopathy at its annual conference last month.

Earlier today, Health minister Anne Milton strongly disagreed. Striking a blow for humanity, democracy, liberty and patient choice, she said: ‘…clinicians are best placed to make decisions on what treatment is appropriate for their patients.’ as she unceremoniously booted into touch the anti-democratic and condescending ‘recommendations’ of both the BMA and the S&TCo.

Yes Minister. Thank you very much indeed for agreeing that it is doctors who should make clinical decisions about their patients and not authoritarian bureaucrats who would rule doctors by sending out diktats. It must be noted that the previous administration had certainly hinted that they also intended to back liberty and patient choice when ex-health minister Mike O’Brien said that it would be ‘illiberal’ to withdraw funding of NHS homeopathy.

There was much more at stake here than NHS homeopathy. Instead of turning in his grave, John Stuart Mill must be sighing in relief.