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Prime Minister Praises Homeopathy as we go from Great Britain to Sad Britain.

Once again a major politician has said something good about homeopathy – and this time it was the Prime Minister, the right honourable David Cameron himself. In defence of his NHS reforms on Channel 4, the main man said: ‘I’m going to sound like a homeopath but this is like looking at the whole of the patient.’ Well I don’t know how much the top dog in the country knows about homeopathy but he seems to understand that classical homeopathy does try to treat the whole person by trying to use a medicine to stimulate the body to heal itself. Nice one, Dave!

It’s interesting to reflect that when a major politician has something to say about homeopathy, it is usually positive or supportive of it remaining on the NHS.

Mike O’Brien: Labour’s Minister of Health (Feb 2010) ‘We take the view that it is not our job to stop clinicians prescribing these medications if they feel they are appropriate.’ 

Anne Milton: Coalition Minister of Health (July 2010) ‘The Government … remains of the view that the local National Health Service and clinicians are best placed to make decisions on what treatment is appropriate for their patients’ – as she kicked into touch recommendations to scrap NHS homeopathy.

The Queen: Well the Queen has not said anything and we don’t expect anything. Nevertheless it is well known that the Royal Family appoints a Royal homeopathic doctor and has supported homeopathy since the early 19th Century.

I find it interesting indeed that although major politicians and the head of state clearly do not support the current assault on homeopathy and CAM by the sceptics, the media are only too keen to put the boot in and seldom allow homeopaths a level playing field to defend what they do.

From Great Britain to Sad Britain Meantime Great Britain seems to have become Sad Britain, as the prescription of anti-depressants has hit an all time high. Actually in spite of a huge NHS bill for these drugs alone (it dwarfs the bill for NHS homeopathic prescriptions by at least 20 to 1) there is little evidence that they are much better than placebo for mild and moderate cases of depression – and that does mean the majority of cases of depression. A major study showed that most prescribed anti-depressants are no better than placebo for most cases of depression – but you don’t see much about that in the media. It’s a pity that these drugs don’t work on the managed depression of the Economy (aka ‘The Recession’)  either.  I’m starting to think of Aldous Huxley and Soma now – but I digress…

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  1. Robert.D April 11, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Thank you for this post.I believe it is very important that people realise that the government is for Homeopathy. Just to let you know, I think everyone should know that the royal family is for Homoeopathy. Prince Charles is for it. The Queen is for it but apparently the queen is not aloud to give her opinions unfortunately. We have an ongoing battle against the anti-Homeopathy campaigners. In my opinion we should fight this battle on a political view not a medical view. We can argue all we want on if it works or not but the truth is people want Homeopathy in this country. That is why I am grateful that you are letting people know that the government are for Homeopathy. Please take this note into consideration.

    • Dr. Kaplan April 11, 2011 at 12:18 pm

      I agree. We should do everything we can medically to prove it works but in the end it is political as many NHS approved treatments (eg anti-depressants whose budget dwarfs that of homeopathy by 20 to 1) do not have solid scientific proof behind them and it is egregious that homeopathy be singled out for attack and ridicule in the way that it has been

  2. Anna Watson April 25, 2011 at 12:28 am

    The new White Paper does indeed have the patient as one the 3 main strands ..the local authority, the health providers and the patient. I sit on the NHS board as a LINk rep.

    Thankfully, unlike the skeptics, they must have read David Sackett’s description of EBM… Which is an important combination of the research, the clinician’s judgement and the patient’s choice and experience.

    When GP consortia get 80% of the NHS budget I wonder what it will mean for Homeopathy… Very unclear at the moment but as patient we must not loose our voice…


  3. Avijit Majumdar August 22, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    i am a student of B.H.M.S in india(calcutta). it is 5.5 year regular basis course. you are absolutely true with your observation on the condition of homeopathy in INDIA.your sence of thinking is impresed me.i am creazy about homeopathy.i placed you in the most respectable position in my heart. if i can help you in any way i.e. assistant of yours, to serve the humanity by homoeopathy, i shall be greatful to you.though financially i am not so strong my my passon, dedication & honesty about homeopathy in very high.i am very keen interest to join & work with you because some how your wave lenth of psychology is mached with me & i can here my voie on your mouth. if you contact me & give my any oppertunity to work with you & gather knowledge from your vast knowledge , i shall be highly obliged to you. sir i want to be a top homeopath in this world under your guidence & love & affection to serve the wholl humankind by homeopathic medicine to show the world that homeopathy in not faulse ,it is verymuch scientific .though inovation of “beyond avogadro number diluted” substance has a supreme power that our contemporary science can not explain.i belive in near future the the explanation of ‘how homoeopathy works’ would be discovered. though the nouble winner renound scientist Luc Montagniar has already proves that.in INDIA the IIT-BOMBAY (only the highest level of meritorious students can oppertunity to study here) has also authenticaly proved that homeopathy has the very much scientific basis. so day by day the popularity of homeopathy amongst the common people in remarkebly increasing not only in INDIA but also the whole world. some people who are trying to supprese the homeopathc traetment to monopolized & hugely increased there business by harming the mankind by giving dangerous allopathic treatment. so sir now the comming days will be for the homeopathy only.because now a days peoples are veruy much concern & educated as they can understant which is good & which is bad. so i am verymuch optimistic &hopeful about the future of homeopathy. by the by i have also brought your book ‘the homoeopathic conversation’. so thank you sir . i am waiting for your reply.


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  4. Steve Scrutton January 25, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Excellent post – the Cameron quote was well spotted! However, what he, and Milton, and all the current government needs to realise is that whilst they have a policy of ‘patient choice’ and ‘no decision about me without me’, throughout the UK NHS people are being routinely refused homeopathy. There are two reasons. First, their fixation on ‘localism’ (which broadly I support). And second, their failure to recognise that local ‘clinicians’, that is, most PCTs and GPs, are ConMed people who oppose homeopathy.

    Thus, on the one hand, there is patient choice. On the other there is a medical monopoly committed to refusing to let us have it!

  5. Wendell Willkie February 24, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Very smooth piece–kudos! Have been under homeotherapy for 60 years: a record-breaker for an American national. Mexico was our homeopathic gateway. We’ve experienced everything in HMDs from the sublime to Donald Duck’s cousins–the latter of late as we try to find a succesor to the finest HMD in North America, Dr. Leonardo Jaramillo Morales (d. 1967). So far, so bad. I’ve boundless faith in the technique; it’s the practitioners that don’t always measure up–you know, the “high-potency” homeopaths vs. the “low-potency” homeopaths. . . .

    • Dr. Kaplan February 24, 2012 at 10:29 am

      Thanks for that.

      Homeopathy attracts wonderful humane, philosophical doctors but also crackpots that could never fit into
      conventional medial setups.

      One of my mentors, Marianne Harling wrote a play in verse about homeopaths at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and I remember a verse:

      You’ll take the low x
      And I’ll take the high c
      And I’ll cure the patient
      Afore thee!

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