I have just completed a lecture tour of major homeopathic institutions in India and have been blown away by the enthusiasm of teachers, homeopathic doctors and students. In Pune my lecture was supported by the orthodox medical faculty as well as the faculty of homeopathy and I chatted to a medical doctor trained in homeopathy in London (Dr Anil Habbu) who has treated an estimated 500 000 patients (sic) with homeopathy so far in his career.  In Jaipur I lectured at a university exclusively dedicated to teaching homeopathy. I was taken on a tour of BJain Pharmaceutical plant and can verify that the standard of manufacture there is as good as any I have ever seen anywhere in the world.

With the West heavily in debt it is only a matter of time before the East (esp. China and India) become part of the new world order. Nothing can stop the proliferation of homeopathy in India and the relentless attacks  of homeopathy’s denialists and detractors – whom I’ve dubbed the Disciples of Scientism – mean nothing in a country of over 1.2 billion people. Although the BBC and some of the British media favour their deterministic and often anti-democratic view of medical care, homeopathy continues to grow internationally. So far the views of the Disciples of Scientism (although given FAR too much space in the media) have not been able to trump democracy.

You can only get NHS homeopathy in the UK if you are referred to an NHS clinic by your GP. But that does not satisfy the Disciples of Scientism and today there is another inane poll in The Guardian on this very issue. Someone needs to tell these guys that once upon a time the British were considered to be good losers.