Last night I attended a splendid talk by one of Britain’s most famous homeopathic veterinary surgeons, try Chris Day. It was most inspiring to hear about this gentleman’s career in veterinary medicine and the huge part that homeopathy  has played in his many decades of practice.

For many people, story the fact that homeopathy appears to work on animals, cure is all the evidence they need. I guess some of our critics will disparagingly say this is also the placebo effect because somehow a dog or cat ‘picks up’ the enthusiasm of the homeopathic vet and its owner. Even if it did work that way, it would be pretty miraculous. But what about a cow? Are cows with mastitis also susceptible to suggestion? Or is it the homeopathic remedy in the drinking trough that protected the herd that drank from that trough – but not the cows that were randomly selected to drink from another trough.

Chris Day has many devoted farmers as clients. For professional farmers the bottom line has to be money – so it just would not be cost-effective for them to employ homeopathic veterinary services unless the results were really good. I was amazed to hear Chris say that he went a whole year once without prescribing a single antibiotic! There is huge concern about the overuse of antibiotics on farm animals these days, so this is an incredible achievement.

For the Disciples of Scientism, I am naïve, less-than-scientific and believe that medicines with ‘nothing in them’ can help humans as well as animals. But hey, I’m not the only one. The EU recently voted to spend £1.8 million (sic) on research into the treatment of farm animals with homeopathy. This has to be the right and ethical approach. If critics of human homeopathy think it’s all placebo, they should be very enthusiastic about preserving NHS institutions that get people better just by talking to them as such places are – at the very least – a valuable teaching resource for all doctors and medical students. They should also keep an eye on those cows doing well on homeopathic medicines!