Oh, there Sugar, unhealthy Sugar.
You are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you.

(Sugar, Sugar  – The Archies)

Is a risk-free life possible? If it were possible – which it certainly isn’t – would it even be advisable or desirable? Should people be allowed to skydive, ski, box, play rugby, ride motorcycles, climb Himalayan mountains or sail around the world in a yacht by themselves?

Should people be allowed to smoke or drink alcohol safely and without harming others? Should people be allowed to eat sugar? Perhaps not say some health experts because too much sugar is (say in a suitably condescending tone) “bad for you and causes all sorts of diseases.” Perhaps we should regulate sugar in a similar way to how we regulate alcohol. If these ‘experts’ had their way you would have to show ID when buying a lollipop! But what’s wrong with that? It’s only for your own good you know.

This is exactly what happens when we let the I know better than you what’s good for you! brigade try to run our lives with authoritarian rules and regulations and complete distrust in our own ability to make decisions about our own health.

Of course people should be educated about health issues and encouraged to live healthily. And if the airlines wanted to charge you a little extra per kg – I wouldn’t argue about that too much as it might act as a deterrent against obesity. But regulate and overtax sugar?

I have been tireless in exposing the I know better than you what’s good for you health experts for what they really are – patronizing authoritarian bullies.  They are relentless in their lobbying for more regulations, more control and coercion of the apparently stupid among us – such as patients and fully qualified doctors who think that homeopathic medicine has a place in the NHS – however it works. First they came for homeopathy, then they came for chocolate, then they came for …