As we all look forward to the Jubilee weekend, it was heartening to read in the Daily Mail that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a big fan of alternative medicine and homeopathy.

The article states that the Queen is never far from ‘60 vials of homeopathic medicines, carried in a special leather case, without which she won’t travel anywhere.’ She even treated one of her beloved corgis with a homeopathic remedy. So clearly the Queen also believes in veterinary homeopathy.

Although the Queen has tactfully refrained from entering into the rather distasteful ongoing argument about NHS homeopathy – it is well documented that the Royal Family has patronized homeopathy and appointed an official Royal homeopathic physician since the mid- 19th century.


  • the present Coalition Government is protective of the people’s access to NHS homeopathy;
  • the previous Labour administration felt much the same about it;
  • and now the Daily Mail reports that the Head of State uses homeopathy on herself and her pets.

I wonder why.

On behalf of all doctors, homeopaths, veterinary surgeons and responsible practitioners and patients of whole person orientated medicine, I would like to wish Her Majesty and all her family and pets a very happy Jubilee and many, many more healthy years.