The Prime Minister has given the job of Secretary of State for Health to Jeremy Hunt.  Health ministers (one rung lower than health secretary) Mike O’Brien (Labour) and Ann Milton (Coalition) have endorsed the British public’s right to NHS homeopathy. Mr Hunt goes further. Not only does he uphold the right of the taxpayer to choose NHS homeopathy, viagra order he has made his personal support for NHS homeopathy crystal clear.

Mr Hunt signed an early day motion in 2007 (EDM 1240) which salutes the positive contribution made to the health of the nation by the NHS homeopathic hospitals. Thank you Secretary for Health. We are happy to be of service.

Answering a letter to an anti-homeopathic constituent, shop Mr Hunt wrote: Homeopathic care is enormously valued by thousands of people and in an NHS that the Government repeatedly tells us is “patient-led” it ought to be available where a doctor and patient believe that a homeopathic treatment may be of benefit to the patient. (See here for details of the EDM and the letter)  Yes, Mr Hunt, that is the absolute crux of this issue – and not what the Disciples of Scientism and the “I know better than you what’s good for you brigade” would impose on the people of this island.

This is superb news for NHS homeopathy and it came as no surprise as the anti-homeopathic press went apoplectic with rage at his appointment.  But what exactly do they dislike about his statement about the NHS being ‘patient led’?

Nobody is forced either to receive or practise homeopathy on the NHS. Mr Hunt has not only stated his personal support for homeopathy; he has shown that he has some respect for liberty and democracy.