Homeopathic Doctors honoured by Royal Patronage

The Faculty of Homeopathy, a global association representing doctors, dentists, pharmacists (and selected regulated health professionals) trained in homeopathy was delighted and honoured to receive the patronage of Prince Charles this week. The future monarch, a member of a family that has used and supported homeopathy since its inception in this country in the early 19th century, is a firm supporter of an holistic approach to medicine, the environment and life in general.

Predictably, the whingeing started almost immediately. In a Guardian article so biased it almost veered off the bowling green altogether, a very senior doctor was quoted for the insightful and scientific comment that homeopathy was ‘rubbish’. 

Someone from something called ‘The Good Thinking Society’ (sounds slightly ungrammatical to me) reminded Guardian readers that homeopaths claim to be able to ‘treat autism’, something the responsible Faculty would never dream of claiming. The Faculty strongly supports vaccination, believes that homeopathy should exist alongside orthodox medicine and should only ever be used by qualified and strictly regulated health care professionals. An ad hominem insult to Prince Charles by an emeritus professor, calling him a ‘snake oil salesman’ was dredged up. Did this professor ever really believe that Prince Charles purveys fake medicines for personal financial gain? Or does this comment fall a little short of ‘good thinking’?

Finally after eight paragraphs of criticism and insults, the newspaper finally allowed Dr Gary Smyth, president of the Faculty three lines to express how honoured and moved all members of the Faculty are to receive the patronage of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. The many millions of people all over the world who use and are helped by homeopathy (however it works) are heartened by the honesty, courage and generosity of spirit of our future king.