Sceptics, skeptics, Homeopathy and ‘soft targets’

An article in the latest edition of that very non-treehugging journal Scientfic American by a self-confessed skeptic (spelled with a 'k' because he's American and with an 's' very deliberately in lower case for reasons he makes clear), John Horgan, shows how self-styled 'sceptics' specifically attack 'soft targets' such as homeopathy (which he mentions specifically) while [...]

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New Government even more pro Homeopathy!

The Prime Minister has given the job of Secretary of State for Health to Jeremy Hunt.  Health ministers (one rung lower than health secretary) Mike O’Brien (Labour) and Ann Milton (Coalition) have endorsed the British public’s right to NHS homeopathy. Mr Hunt goes further. Not only does he uphold the right of the taxpayer to [...]

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Complementary Medicine, Homeopathy and The Queen.

An article in The Daily Mail reports that the Queen is never without an emergency set of homeopathic medicines and even treated one of her dogs with homeopathy. Thus it is clear that even though homeopathy has its detractors, the Labour Party, the Coalition Government and the Head of State are very protective of the people's right to choose homeopathy.

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