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Anti-Depressives: Some rather depressing news

I've never liked the word 'depression'. The Victorians referred more accurately to chronic sadness as 'melancholia'. Psychiatry has struggled for decades to find a chemical solution by which to 'treat the brain' in order to alleviate this awful problem.  Success has been hard to come by and both the psychoanalytic school of thought and the anti-psychiatry [...]

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The ‘English Disease’ is no joke

Giving diseases a national identity, an inanely xenophobic practice at best, is now regarded as politically incorrect. Referring to rubella as ‘German measles’ might still be considered merely naïve, but any mention of ‘mongolism’ (once a widely used synonym for Down’s Syndrome) is likely to be met with severe censure. The term ‘French letters’ has [...]

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