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Vodcast: What exactly is Homeopathy?

This Sunday at 10am I’ll be giving a lecture called Defending Homeopathy in the 21st Century for the Homeopathic Medical Association. There is no doubt that homeopathy needs defending in the UK at the moment as the attacks on it, while lacking innovation, have been relentless and vicious with little space granted to us in [...]

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Science Committee ignores Health Minister’s advice

I guess it was predictable. Despite the strong words of Health Minister, Mike O’Brien in favour of liberty and democracy, the crew of MPs on the Science and Technology Committee announced this morning that “the NHS should cease funding homeopathy. It also concludes that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) should not allow [...]

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Homeopathy goes to the Houses of Parliament!

This week the ‘homeopathic question’ was asked by a House of Commons Science & Technology Committee. A mixture of experts and alleged ‘experts’ were apparently ‘grilled’ in order to ascertain whether there is any evidence that homeopathy works. You can see a transcript of the proceedings here: Dr Peter Fisher, unhealthy chief physician at the [...]

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Why eminent doctors accuse CAM practitioners of lying to their patients.

In my last post I promised to give my view of why eminent physicians have grossly insulted practitioners of CAM by accusing them of lying to their patients. For example: Prof. David Colquhoun:  Under the heading The Lying Dilemma "To maximise the benefit of alternative medicine, it is necessary to lie to the patient as [...]

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The Pie Man Cometh!

Welcome to my new column The Pie Man Strikes Again! Now what has a Pie Man got to do with medicine? What has a Pie Man got to do with the holy grail of evidence-based medicine? Allow me to explain... There are some doctors around today so eminent that I've dubbed them Physicians of the [...]

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