I am a licensed medical doctor (GMC no 2558165) with over 30 years experience in Conventional Medicine and Whole Person Medicine.

Conventional Medicine is the way medical conditions are treated with medical science. Treatments are rated on the evidence a particular treatment has for treating a particular condition or disease. Many important life-saving interventions are based purely on medical science and as a doctor I value these tremendously. However there are people and conditions that don’t always respond well to this approach and alternatives need to be looked at.

Whole Person Medicine is based on the fact that humans have the potential for self-healing. Sometimes this self-healing isn’t happening and it’s possible to use a holistic approach to stimulate the body to activate its own healing ability. This could take the form of natural therapy, pharmacy stress reduction or even dealing with important life issues that are sapping our energy and will to heal ourselves and improve our lives.

Every person or patient is different and may need either or both of the above approaches As a medical doctor trained in holistic approaches, it’s my job to give you as much time as you need to discuss important choices with you. After this we can agree on a treatment plan going forward.

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