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NHS Medicine, Liberty, Money and 2009

So what can we say about the year that was? There is a curse that says: ‘May you live in interesting times!’ and for those of us who support whole-person medicine, 2009 was an interesting year indeed. For the loud and aggressive espousers of the school of fundamentalist naïve realism in medicine, 2009 started well [...]

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That letter of the Disciples of Scientism

Dr. David Colquhoun writes about me and that UCL debate in his rather sneering blog in which he accuses anyone using alternative medicine of lying to their patients. This is a blatant and untrue insult which he arrives at via an illogical and irrational cascade of argument. Suffice to say that I've yet to meet [...]

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The Tide is Turning!

Good news friends. The tide is starting to turn… Homeopathy is starting to defend itself in earnest against biased attacks in the medical literature and media in general. A press release by the Faculty of Homeopathy today shows that the ‘conclusions’ of a paper in the Lancet entitled ‘The End of Homeopathy’ have been called [...]

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