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Medicine, Philosophy and Ideology

It is a pity that few have neither the patience nor the time for medical philosophy these days while many retain the mouth for voicing highly opinionated political ideology on healthcare in medicine. More can be read about the remarkable Dr Ledermann on his website, in a transcription of an interview I conducted with him here and in his obituary in The Times in 2005.

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Homeopathy goes to the Houses of Parliament!

This week the ‘homeopathic question’ was asked by a House of Commons Science & Technology Committee. A mixture of experts and alleged ‘experts’ were apparently ‘grilled’ in order to ascertain whether there is any evidence that homeopathy works. You can see a transcript of the proceedings here: Dr Peter Fisher, unhealthy chief physician at the [...]

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The Debate at Guy’s Hospital

DEBATE AT GUY’S HOSPITAL Tues 29/4/09 Motion: ‘This house believes that complementary and alternative therapies do more harm than good.’ Before the debate              After the debate FOR:                       27                           36 AGAINST:                116                        109 ABSTENTIONS:        18                           11 The debate was […]

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